Places to Visit in Adana


Places to Visit in Adana

Places to Visit in Adana Adana is the city that comes to mind as Kebab or Cotton. Adana has historical places to visit and be witnessed because of its long history. Here are the places with the narration of those places.

Adana Taş Köprü (Stone bridge)

When the world is going to Adana with the old bridge feature being used, Stone Bridge is at the beginning of places that should be seen absolutely. Taşköprü, which was accepted as the symbol of Adana, is a work of Roman period. Due to this feature, it should definitely be visited. Taşköprü was built by Roman Emperor Hadrian and repaired in the time of Roman Emperor Justinianus. On the Seyhan River, the 21-eyed bridge is used as a result of the Seyhan River being healed, seven of which remain under the ground, and is now being used with 14 eyes. When first constructed, the bridge, which is narrower than half of its present width, was later enlarged. In the Ottoman period, Taşköprü was repaired several times. It continues to serve with its solidity until the day. It has a functional blind spot in Adana with its width of 11.40 meters, which is 310 meters long.

Varda Bridge

The Varda Bridge, located in the Karaisalı district of Adana, is referred to by the local people as the Great Bridge. Another name for the Varda Bridge is the German Bridge. The bridge, which dates back to the 1900s, is among the historical monuments worth seeing when you go to Adana. Also, if the bridge is still being used, it is seen as an engineering wonder compared to the year it was built.

To be informed about the production; Baghdad Railway Project, aimed to lead the Ottoman lands from beginning to end. For this, the German Bridge; The Varda Bridge, which will be the important bridge between the West and the East, was built by the Germans at the beginning of the 1900’s, with the aim of taking the Silk Road of Berlin-Baghdad and the Hijaz Iron Road to its historical location.

It was used on this bridge in the world famous James Bond Skyfall movie. And made Adana the center of attention in the World Cinema Platform.

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