Rental Conditions



CAR RENTAL PERIOD: The shortest rental period is 24 hours.

DRIVER DOCUMENTATION AND USE AGE: At least 21 years of age for economic group vehicles and 2 years of valid driver’s license, at least 25 years of age for medium group vehicles and 3 years of valid driver’s license, 28 years for upper group vehicles and 5 Must have a valid driving license per year, must be 30 years old for luxury group cars, and must have a 5-year driving license.

PAYMENT AND DEPOSIT: Leases can be made by cash, bank transfer and a valid credit card. According to the rented vehicle group, preliminary provision of 750 TL -1.000 TL is blocked from the credit card for gasoline and other extras that will be formed. The TL provision is blocked. The amount of the provision is determined at vehicle delivery. Credit card requirement is not required from expatriate customers coming from abroad.

TRAFFIC CRIMINAL: Any type of traffic penalty (including the use of the wrong box office on the bridge and highways) that will result in non-compliance with the traffic rules will be charged from the credit card belonging to the tenant and the information of the tenancy agreement.

RESERVATION CANCELLATION AND RETURN TERMS: Our customers have the right to cancel their reservation 24 hours free of charge at the time of booking, at no charge, in such a case. In addition, you can cancel your reservation within 1 hour after you have confirmed your booking and vehicle availability confirmation on the date you have made your reservation, without any interruption. If you wish to cancel your booking without the above conditions, you will be charged from your rental car for 1 day. This amount is set out in the notification e-mail sent after your reservation. You can find the amount information for each day in the vehicle payment details in the corresponding email.

SERVICES INCLUDED IN THE PRICES: The prices include Exempt Accident Insurance and VAT. The Accident Insurance covers the damage in the event of a collision. In case of fulfillment of the insurance conditions, damage resulting from the collision will be compensated by the customer for the loss of 1,500 TL according to the rented vehicle group. This insurance does not cover damages that are not in collision (parking, rubber-glass-headlight). Exemptions are provided on condition that full insurance is obtained by paying an additional fee according to the cars group during rental. All our cars have a mileage limit. In the economic and middle class cars, it is 300 kilometers per day for daily rental between 1-3 days, 250 kilometers for daily between 4-7 days, daily 200 kilometers for rent between 8-15 days, and daily 150 kilometers for rent for 16-30 days. If; the tenant has an obligation to pay 0.50 Kr for each km. For more detailed information, please call +903224580086 customer service.


One Way Rental:
It is possible to rent a car in a city other than the city where the car is delivered.

However, this depends on a certain fee and availability of the car reservation.

Additional Driver: Must be in accordance with driver’s license and age of use.
After driver 3, an extra daily charge is charged for each driver.

Delivery and Drop-off: In case of prior notice and availability of the conditions, you can take advantage of the delivery and drop-off service to your vehicle at a certain fee.

Infant and child seat: Your child will be provided with a fee for a safe travel if you are notified when booking.

Additional Time Usage: For the delays that will occur at the return hour determined at the beginning of the rental, 1/5 of the daily rental fee will be charged for every 1 hour delay. 1 hour rental fee will be charged over 3 hours.

Navigation: In our office, you can be provided to add comfort to your trip.

Fuel: Vehicles will be delivered to the full tank as much as possible and will be asked to be picked up. Gasoline differences to be charged will be charged to the user with a service charge

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