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Award-winning guest services
Award-winning guest services

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Welcome to the website of Ertur Rent a Car, which is the leading company in Adana Airport Car Rental with its experienced, new fleet of vehicles and economical prices. Adana Rent a Car, Adana Airport Car Rental services that provide our customers with many years of experience in Adana Airport 7 days 24 hours is proud to serve. Adana Airport car rental service, you can review our site to book your car, unlike other Adana Airport Car Rental -Rent a Car service, our company offers special prices and campaigns for you. You can make your reservation, our valued customers in Adana Airport domestic and international passengers at the exit gate to deliver the vehicle you have booked.
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Adana Şakirpaşa Havalimanı Ofis

Adres : Şakirpaşa Havaalanı Otoparkı Emek Mahallesi, Seyhan/Adana

Telefon : +90 322 458 00 86

Telefon : +90 322 458 66 10

GSM : +90 531 555 45 45

Mail : info@erturrentacar.net

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