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Adana Airport Rent a Car
Journey you make in Adana prefer air transport is both fast and comfortable choice. Adana your travels in our city when you reach the airport and tools you will need for your holiday plans. Also the ideal solution to meet your vehicle needs to rent a car take advantage of the service is to provide a suitable car to your taste and needs.

We are dedicated to ERTUR Rent A Car in the development of your plan as you want for your holiday and travel needs. After booking your car rental company before you make to our Adana Adana Airport car rental

When you get to the airport with our service, in Domastic or international passengers exit, you have staff, meet with a pageboard that your name is written will deliver your rental car is available in the parking lot, you can start smoothly your trip you are planning.
Seamlessly car hire service in Adana
Although the level of top quality tools at affordable prices to the rental options in the services sector growing steadily in our country and Adana region.
Adana Rent a Car sector in continuous operation as a result of an ambitious and high quality service will get your opportunities, your service continues to be offered by our company with the most attractive price. instead of the most detailed studies of the care brought tools, documents and missing documents in the absence of the slightest, and it provides the tool options you're comfortable soon as you leave the traffic. nice options from each vehicle produced with quality and technology in the automotive sector also contributes significantly to the rental sector as well as the commercial market.
Seamlessly car hire service in Adana
Tools for renewal, the best car rental service is an important example of this is that your foot on the island to make big investments in higher-quality presentation. activities and complete work on the tools of our professional team, supplying the tools to safely exit traffic to help you. Not only during the lease and delivery of services and assistance that will support you as long as you use this quality service to make it more meaningful to you. In many settlements of our country with quality service is located in this competition Ertur Rent A Car, along with vehicle quality and service concept will always remain with you. Gains fully focused thinking on human health and definitely stay away from the stairs six ambitious option of creating business for you in this regard. Ertur who has earned the trust of all the people for his work in its branches in Adana Rent a Car, the car with the quality and terms of use or continue to be always with you ..
Extremely model, as well as a variety of modern and luxury vehicles, all vehicle options to meet your needs, is within our vehicle fleet. constantly changing with new tools to make large investments in our company brings you quality service and feet, completely focused on your satisfaction. If you wish to live outside if you wish the bride in Adana Adana, pick up your car where you want it, it will be the name of a high quality and comfortable service. compatible with most vehicles and traffic options most appropriate to conditions in Turkey, our company to you with a special presentation with attractive prices and will continue to come in front of you.
Places to Visit in Adana
Places to Visit in Adana Adana is the city that comes to mind as Kebab or Cotton. Adana has historical places to visit and be witnessed because of its long history. Here are the places with the narration of those places.
Adana Taş Köprü (Stone bridge)

When the world is going to Adana with the old bridge feature being used, Stone Bridge is at the beginning of places that should be seen absolutely. Taşköprü, which was accepted as the symbol of Adana, is a work of Roman period. Due to this feature, it should definitely be visited. Taşköprü was built by Roman Emperor Hadrian and repaired in the time of Roman Emperor Justinianus. On the Seyhan River, the 21-eyed bridge is used as a result of the Seyhan River being healed, seven of which remain under the ground, and is now being used with 14 eyes. When first constructed, the bridge, which is narrower than half of its present width, was later enlarged. In the Ottoman period, Taşköprü was repaired several times. It continues to serve with its solidity until the day. It has a functional blind spot in Adana with its width of 11.40 meters, which is 310 meters long.
 adana taş köprü
Varda Bridge

The Varda Bridge, located in the Karaisalı district of Adana, is referred to by the local people as the Great Bridge. Another name for the Varda Bridge is the German Bridge. The bridge, which dates back to the 1900s, is among the historical monuments worth seeing when you go to Adana. Also, if the bridge is still being used, it is seen as an engineering wonder compared to the year it was built.

To be informed about the production; Baghdad Railway Project, aimed to lead the Ottoman lands from beginning to end. For this, the German Bridge; The Varda Bridge, which will be the important bridge between the West and the East, was built by the Germans at the beginning of the 1900's, with the aim of taking the Silk Road of Berlin-Baghdad and the Hijaz Iron Road to its historical location.

It was used on this bridge in the world famous James Bond Skyfall movie. And made Adana the center of attention in the World Cinema Platform.


Welcome to the official web page of Ertur Rent a Car, the only name of the experienced, new and affordable Adana car rental that comes to mind first in Adana Airport Car Hire.

Our company, which is one of the leading companies in car hire in Adana, is proud to serve our esteemed customers 24/7 in Adana Airport with the experience that we have given for many years. To take advantage of the car rental service in Adana you can check our site and make your car reservation.

Unlike regular companies, Adana Airport Rent a Car serves as our company, offers you special prices and campaigns. If you want to benefit from the Adana Car Rental service and special rates, you can make a reservation by calling our customer representatives and we will deliver your precious customers to Adana Airport Domestic Flights and International Flights at the passenger exit gate.

If you want to rent a car in Adana, you can also rent a car in Adana. Adana Auto Rental Hours are two choices. For business and holiday travelers prefer to rent a car daily, whereas which has a lot of companies, public institutions or personnel, prefers long term car rental in Adana on a monthly basis.


Mustafa Uysal 04.01.2018 09:20
Adana airport car hire We always meet our needs from rent a car, the vehicles are clean and well maintained compared to the other firms, very economical thanks
Lance LePere 09.06.2017 15:53
We are very pleased to have a good experience, good work for us. We are very pleased to have a nice experience. We have made a reservation from our website to travel to Adana for summer vacation. We have met us at the airport and delivered our vehicle. We have traveled abundantly and we have taken adana kebab.
SOME OF OUR CAMPAIGN 5.000 TL Exemption Accident Insurance 7/24 Airport Services Pay by Credit Card Free Additional driver 1.500 TL Exempted Accident Insurance 18% Tax Up to 3 Days 300 Kilometers Daily Use
  • Renault Symbol Dizel
    Renault Symbol Dizel Adana Rent a Car - Renault Symbol Diesel
    x5 x3 Manual Diesel
  • Fiat Albea Dizel
    Fiat Albea Dizel Fiat Albea Adana Rent a Car
    x5 x3 Manual Diesel
  • Hyundai Accent Era
    Hyundai Accent Era Adana Rent a Car - Hyundai Era Diesel
    x5 x3 Manual Diesel
  • Hyundai Era Otomatik Dizel
    Hyundai Era Otomatik Dizel Adana Airport Rent a Car Company
    x1 x1 Automatic Diesel
  • Renault Symbol Yeni Kasa Dizel
    Renault Symbol Yeni Kasa Dizel Adana Airport Rent a Car Company - Renault Symbol
    x5 x4 Manual Diesel
  • Fiat Linea
    Fiat Linea Adana Airport Rent a Car Company - Fiat Linea Diesel
    x5 x4 Manual Diesel
  • Renault Clio Dizel
    Renault Clio Dizel
    x5 x2 Manual Diesel
  • Peugeot 301 Dizel
    Peugeot 301 Dizel Adana Airport Rent a Car Company - Peugeot 301
    x5 x3 Manual Diesel
  • Hyundai i20 Dizel
    Hyundai i20 Dizel Adana Airport Rent a Car - Hyundai i20
    x5 x3 Manual Diesel
  • Hyundai Accent Blue
    Hyundai Accent Blue Adana Airport Car Hire
    x5 x3 Manual Diesel